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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Aug 23, 2018

An Orca from the South Resident Orca Population named J35 gave birth to a calf that died shortly thereafter. J35 was seen carrying her dead calf in her mouth at the surface of the Ocean for 17 days with short breaks to feed as her pod-mates carried the calf for her.

The MCHH crew were asked a number of questions about this topic including "Does this happen often with Orcas?" We decided to answer the question on this episode of the podcast so more people can here the answer.

This episode isn't the most uplifting topic we've covered, but we felt that it would be good to address it as it is a good way to talk about the plight of the endangered Southern Resident Orca population.

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Note: MCHH will be published twice a week from now on with shorter shows.