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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Sep 26, 2018

The Southern Resident Orca population off the coast the Northwestern US are in serious trouble. There hasn't been a successful calf birth in 3 years and the recent loss of J50 leaves the population at 74 individuals. NOAA is trying to figure out ways to better protect the pod of predators; however, they are having a tough time. 

Their latest attempt to save J50 failed, but not because of lack of effort. The government agency collaborated with a number of vets and organizations to help with J50. Most of the people were the top of their field; however, one of the partners was Seaworld...and people were not happy. 

@DrScarlettSmash and @Craken_McCraig give us a rundown of the situation. Take a listen.

Let us know what you think about NOAA teaming up with SeaWorld in the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Group.

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