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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Nov 23, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Scarlett Smash and Dr. Craken talk to their guest Professor Joellen Russell, a famous oceanographer. She tells the MCHH crew about how the oceanic carbon cycle works and how it is being studied via robotic floats.

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This episode is sponsored by Coastal Futures – Innovation for Ocean Recovery, a virtual conference (January 18-20th, 2022). The conference will have15 sessions & 6 keynote speeches covering a wide range of major themes that relate to the way we intend to restore and recover our coastal and marine environment.

Key stakeholders and industry leaders, who take a proactive approach to the sustainability agenda in the coastal and marine environment, will be attending.

This annual conference will now include a US component to it and will have US coastal experts attending, allowing us to compare and learn from each other about best practices in coastal recovery and restoration.

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