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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Sep 8, 2022

Dr Scarlett Smash & Dr Craken MacCraic have been watching the new Game of Thrones show "House of the Dragon" but ask - what sort of marine species can be found in the Narrow Sea? And most importantly, are there sea dragons? 

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Mar 12, 2019

The last season of Game of Thrones is about to air in just over a month. Since this is a much anticipated last season, the MCHH Crew decided to go through the science of Westeros because we are scientists and that is what we do!

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Apr 5, 2018

The MCHH crew is really getting out there today (the drinks may have something to do with it!!!). @DrScarlettSmash, @Craken_McCraic and @SpeakUpForBlue talk Dead Right Whales in the summer; how they feel about field courses and "experience" programs; and, How the HBO hit Game of Thrones is relatable to...