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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Nov 28, 2019

Craken and Smash exchange why they are thankful during this American Thanksgiving while Andrew goes shopping with his daughter. 

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Nov 26, 2019

Did you hear about the story of the Beluga who was playing catch with a rugby ball in the Arctic? Do you think Belugas do this on a regular basis? If you do, you might want to listen to this episode to find out the real story.

Dani Rabaoitti joins the MCHH crew to discuss the whale's antics and get to the bottom of this...

Nov 21, 2019

Dr. Dani Rabaoitti tells the MCHH Crew about filling an item off of her bucket list when she dove on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Nov 19, 2019

The MCHH Crew is joined by Dani Rabaiotti, who is an expert of African Dogs and an author of the new book "Believe It Or Snot."

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Nov 14, 2019

Craken and Andrew discuss the International Monetary Fund's valuation of whales at $1 Trillion. They find out how whales can be valued at such a high amount through ecosystem services and tourism.

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